Stone Roses

Friday 17th June, a day I’ll remember for a long time coming- the day we saw the Roses.

The Roses played Heaton park back in June 2012, dates we had to miss due to GCSEs, and not living in Manchester at the time, there was no feasible way a 16 year old me could get there and back with exams. But now, four years on, 20, living in Manchester and with two years of my degree under my belt, it was on.

Slight mishap in the beginning, the friend I was going with originally double booked herself with Berlin- a cracking place I went last year, but a girl I live with quickly snapped up the ticket and all was well.


Here’s the ticket residing in all it’s glory with all of the others (including an awfully filthy Brian Jonestown Massacre.)

The day started in our fave campus bar, keeping it loyal at Squirrels. Three bottles of Sol for £4 and a £2.50 double rum keeps a Paige very loyal indeed! We planned to be at the Etihad for around 6, enough time for the Coral and a bev. Here’s a somewhat attempted snapchat pre leaving..


Finally at the Etihad, armed with a few bevs bought within the vicinity, we’re told we can’t take the bottles inside, despite them being plastic and instead we needed them in plastic cups. En route to finding a few of those, we ran into a colleague of Kat’s and subsequently chatted outside the arena for a while. We missed the Coral. GUTTED. I mean, we could hear them from outside and they sounded spot on, but we did miss the set.

A quick selfie with the bottles in question-


IT WAS TIME. So we messed up again and underestimated the bar inside the stadium, which meant we missed I Wanna Be Adored, I mean we could hear it, but we missed it. Tell me why venues, knowing they’re going to have a massive flux of people, still don’t pre-pour drinks or have a lot more staff working the night? I go to a lot of small gigs, big gigs, festivals and very few seem to be able to properly cope with a large attendance of people. Hugely annoying!

But finally once we were in, on the floor, unreal scenes followed. I can’t remember the night clearly to be able to recount the whole thing in detail but I’m glad it works as this incredible blur. Like a mosaic, I have the entire picture, a bit broken up in places, but you can still see the entire thing for all it’s beauty.

What I can remember is that the night was a lot better than I ever expected it to be. I knew the atmosphere would be magic, everyone was there for the music and to just have a good time, but the Roses themselves, I did not expect them to be half as good as what they were! Brown’s voice was a lot better than I anticipated and I knew the music would be played well. All in all, it was spot on. What I heard from friends who went to the other nights, they all had a smashing time- the Roses and their supports were all insane. Cracking night! I am slightly gutted How Do You Sleep wasn’t on the setlist as that’s always been a favourite, but I can’t complain as Mersey Paradise was played. The entire set was bangin’!



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