A Barcelona Blog

So after exams, my house and I went to Sitges for a week! Although I only stayed four days due to a rendezvous in Liverpool. But during my time there, we day tripped to Barcelona and the day I was due to leave, me and another girl went back. So this is a mini Barcelona blog.

We got the train from Sitges to Barcelona Sants and immediately hopped on the metro to the Sagrada Familia, and wow! I don’t know if you have been but the cathedral was on our left as we appeared out the metro and it is huge! Without being ridiculous, I knew it was going to be big but I did not quite realise or appreciate how so. It was under contruction obviously, but it certainly did not lessen its charm or presence.


We walked around the corner to the other side and in those few moments, the sky brightened up. This side was a lot more preferable for me, I guess I found it a bit more impressive on the eye. There’s that construction photobomb again.



Our Barca day continued and we found our way to the gothic quarter- sort of. But where we were was so beautiful!


We were gonna eat lunch on the docks but the seagulls were very eager to dine with us also, so off to the roundabout we went!


Although at this point, me and my friend Tafi went off to find a toilet, which was a wild goose chase in itself and found us walking nearly the entire way we came, and back up again to meet the girls.


My view whilst sat on the roundabout, the traffic lights photobombed my shot, but equally I was too lazy to walk in front of it.


The day ended with a walk around Barcelona and a very long walk up to the Magic fountain. We could have got the met, but a half an hour walk seemed nothing until we realised it was all uphill. Still, there were some very pretty streets en route.


We made it! The fountain was off initially but here we are, Brits abroad.



Kind of a shame we didn’t see the fountain at night, what with all the colours and experience the true magic of it. Guess it just means we have to go back, right? Still, the grass was a great place to sit, with a view of the fountain behind us! (The hat experienced some squashing during it’s travel.)


So the day I was due to leave, Tafi and I set off early morning back to Barcelona! We quite literally stumbled upon Casa Batllo and continued to walk around what appeared to be the posh end of town- Burberry, Chanel and shops alike all neibouring each other. As much as these shops were totally within our budget, we set off with our very few euros in search of some breakfast!


We continued our walk after breakfast- which was a very Spanish smoothie and croissant, and proceeded to find ourselves walking towards the cathedral. Our navigation consisting of very pretty streets with glimpses of the cathedral’s spikes overhead.



We were quite literally at the back of the cathedral here with this man blowing bubbles bigger than I am tall!


We walked past and into this insane little garden. I’m not entirely sure if this was part of the cathedral itself because it was free to get into, but it was so beautiful!


Look at this great piece of photography, where I definitely didn’t struggle to capture the whole cathedral. It was also really sunny, it’s a shame it looks so grey.


We tried to get into the cathedral but we turned up during the fifteen minutes it closes so we went for a mooch during this time.


To get into the cathedral it only cost €7 each, which is absolutely nothing really, considering it was a donation as well. Once inside the cathedral, it was impressive to say the least. If you ever go and have about an hour minimum to spare, it is certainly worth a gander. This was the garden, with St. George’s fountain, and from the map we were given, I expected this statue/fountain to be so much bigger than it actually was. Still the garden was insane, as were the geese who were having a right old chat as we were walking about.


We also went to the rooftop which gave the most incredible view over Barcelona!


Thanks for a great few days Barca.



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