BJM: A Trilogy

These past few blogs have been a tad backwards and in a different order to their happening, but I had about a week where so much was going on.

Anyway, this post is regarding the Brian Jonestown Massacre, a band I have loved for several years. I saw them again in the middle of June- hence why I had to come back from Spain early, but this was booked long before and there was no way I was missing it.

But to start from the beginning.

I first saw the Jonestown in June 2014 at the Academy in Birmingham with my friend Katie Perry. It was only a few years ago where I really started to go to gigs by myself, hence why this was my first time seeing them, but a wild KP was also a fan and came along.

In classic Paige style, we missed the start. I remember it being a Monday or Wednesday and we were in the Sunflower Lounge pre-ing (it was one of their student nights so cheaper drinks.) I remember vaguely that we actually sort of forgot and pretty much ran round to the Academy to turn up about ten minutes into their set. So here’s a few flashbacks I found on my laptop.


Magic it was.


This is also a photo curteosy of my instagram of the gig itself, once we got there. It’s also part of a series I unintentionally started called ‘take one photo during a gig, forget about it and hope for the best’ and they’re normally pretty awful ones of that.


Jonestown part two. The second time I saw the Jonestown was actually this year, another friend of mine, Chloe, or as I know her, ‘Smith’ and I went to Cosmosis festival in Manchester. I wouldn’t even consider the cost of it a small fortune given how the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Jesus and Mary Chain (who I’d also been lucky enough to see on their Psychocandy reunion tour) and Allah-Las to name a few, were playing. Here’s a before of me outside my (now old) house in Fallowfield- Furness Road, you were a good’un.


And a not so together selfie of Smith and I inside the festival.


And the Jonestown in all their glory. Guess what? I believe we missed the start of this set as well. It is me, I have a problem. It’s like I know who I am there to see, I’m aware of how I want to see said band/person, and then just before it, I blank and forget and miss a bit at the beginning. What I do remember however, is that Tess Parks came out to sing Anemone, absolutely unreal scenes. It was an unbelievable set, and the light show was insane. To then be followed by the Mary Chain and Allah-Las, the whole night was amazing.thumb_IMG_9196_1024

So the Jonestown part three. June of this year I went to Liverpool where Katie Perry of Jonestown part one now resides. I came home early from Spain, have I mentioned that? But I literally got home at midnight on the Monday, due to French air traffic control strikes and our flight path changing, then living about an hour from the airport etc, to then wake up really early to unpack/repack for the next few days in Liverpool!

(ALERT: Blog inception- Mini Liverpool blog) This as a city, I love it so much on it’s own, I don’t really need an excuse to go there, but we spent the Tuesday doing touristy things, because why not? Plus, every time I have been to Liverpool, I’ve never once been able to find this Beatles statue, although it’s actually right in front of your face so no idea how I missed that. We then proceeded to go inside the museum, which for anyone who knows me, I love museums, we had a party. But inside the Beatles exhbition/music from Liverpool, there was a little karaoke booth, and me and KP, completely stone cold sober, did a couple of songs karaoke! The people walking past, mostly elderly folk actually just enjoying their Tuesday afternoon all appeared to love it. A lot of smiles and laughs walked past our singing!


I think we actually made this one on time you know. I can’t entirely remember but the Jonestown played an unbelievable three hour set, which was pretty fucking marvellous. Although Liverpool Academy, £5.25 for a pint of San Miguel? You’re killing me! Once again though, I just really fucking suck at photos if I’m in the crowd, and these are actually stills as I tried (and failed) to take a video, but it’s the best I’ve got for an unbelievable night!



Then we were just milling about before hopping to a bar and ran into Joel. And this photo is fantastic. It was something we forgot about in the morning but KP looks ready to kill a man and I’m proving why ‘Casper’ is a nickname. Also sidenote, why when I smile does my face balloon? Phenomenon that.


But I hope for there to be many more episodes added to the current trilogy, and thank you to the Jonestown for being a cracking band.

*There should be more regularity with these posts now, so much happened in such a short amount of time.


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