A day at the races

“Get yourself a decent haircut, man. We’re going to the races!”
Any excuse for a mention of Peaky Blinders, ey?

So yesterday, I spent my Sunday at Stratford-upon-Avon’s racecourse. I love the races! A place I don’t frequent too much, but when I do, oh I love it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am partial to a pony, I’ve been around horses since I can remember and they’re certainly a majestic creature.

Just a disclaimer: I know racing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and some are very much against it. If you disagree with it, that’s cool, I respect that, but maybe don’t read anymore, as this entire post is about the races.

I was actually pretty lucky and the first race of the day, I backed the winner! Normally a one hit wonder, I proceeded the afternoon with another winner and a placed. I don’t bet big, but coming home with more than I went with is always nice.


How to back a winner:
1. Does the name of the horse resemble a genre of music you like?
2. Does the name of the horse resemble a band you like?
3. Does the name of the horse resemble anything you like?
4. What about the silk- is it pretty?
5. Ignore all of the actual relevant things like the trainer, jockey, experience etc.

My first winner of the day, thank you, Jazzy!


Look at this fantastic view I got of the final fence. Certainly didn’t squeeze myself behind the back of an ice cream van.


You can’t win them all, poor lil’ guy. The sun obviously backed this guy as he didn’t stay out to see the result.


We perched ourselves on the walking ring so I could look at all the bobbins! We actually had a fairly good view of the giant screen and we were just after the finish line.



This girl was my second win of the day. I stopped at the winners circle en route to collecting my winnings.


Now this final race we saw had a selection of the prettiest bobbins I’d seen all day! This chestnut was such a beaut.


But perhaps the looker of the day was this dapple grey. I have a place in my heart for greys- fleabitten, dapple, steel, I don’t discriminate. My best little bobbin is a grey and they’ll always hold a spot in my heart.


Cheers to the races, I’ll be back very soon.


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