Sea Life


A couple of days ago I went to the Sea Life centre in Birmingham with my best friend of way too long. It was the first time we’d seen each other in quite a few months, pretty snazzy reuinion, ey?

I’ve always had a bit of a love hate relationship with zoos/aquariums things of that sort of sense. But we did the behind the scenes tour and saw some animals that weren’t within public display of the aquarium, as well as some artefacts such as a fossilised megalodon tooth, that was pretty cool.

I spent pretty much the entire day sounding like a broken record talking only of how much I love sharks, all marine life but specifically sharks. Like a child in a sweet shop. I even bought a mug shaped like an octopus, later named Herman just to prove how much of a child I am.

We also had time to spare, and being fairly near to Broad Street, we found the library and went to the top of that. Considering I don’t live too far from Birmingham and spent a lot of my teen years there, that was actually the first time I’ve seen the library properly and been to the top of it.

Bless you, Birmingham, you’ll always hold a place in my heart.


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