Let’s talk about the Rolling Stones. 

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I adore the Rolling Stones. From an early age, I used to listen to the likes of Elvis and from there I passed into the 50s/60s, blues and jazz. Then along came the Rolling Stones, I was just about forty years too late.

I could chat for hours about how much the Stones changed music for me and what limb I would nominate for a chance to have seen them in their prime. But instead, this post is about Exhibitionism at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

For Father’s Day back in June, I bought tickets for my Dad and me to go and see the exhibition, and the day finally came around! Seriously, if you’re a fan of the Stones, this exhibition is definitely a must see, and it’s only around in the UK until September 4th before it embraces the States in New York.

The gallery was split into nine parts, starting at the beginning/creation of the Stones, ending in a ‘performace’ section (NO SPOILERS HERE). But, throughout the exhibition, there are so many interactive parts- involving headphones/videos etc, loads of the equpiment especially guitars, clothes, artwork/photographs, even a section dedicated to rare/unseen footage and items. Like I said though, no spoilers here of what that involved. The only thing that disappointed me if anything was the lack of Mick Taylor mention. I get why this was the case, but for me, the Mick Taylor Stones era was the best.

I snook a few photos here and there despite the constant reminder of how this wasn’t allowed. Just something clicks in my head, if you tell me that I can’t do something, I’ll have this burning desire to go do it. They’re not the best, but covert photography is relatively difficult.


thumb_IMG_1195_1024Original photo: Philip Townsend



Please allow me to introduce myself… (and why I prefer standing behind the camera). My shirt got a lot of attention, it was a very much good shout of attire.


After spending the entire day in London, we finished it at Slim Jim’s, a bar I’ve wanted to visit for a while but living in the Midlands/Manchester, it’s not exactly down the road. I’d definitely recommend a visit to this bar if you’re into old rock n roll, good people with good dress sense, dark and dingy surroundings etc. Also, the neon Stones sign was very fitting for the day. The bras on the ceiling were a cracking touch as well! I’ve heard if you take yours off and sacrifice it to the ceiling, you get a free shot..









6 thoughts on “Exhibitionism

  1. I used to listen to Rolling Stones a lot and I still do from time to time, I really like the music! It looks like a nice exhibition and I’m sure you&your dad had a great time there. Nice t-shirt 😉

    Ela BellaWorld


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