For the first time in a few years I decided to crash the family holiday! I’m at that age now where I have to ask to go, which is fine- I just really felt like joining this year after quite a few excursions with friends previously.

We stayed at the Aquarius apart hotel and I can’t recommend this place enough. The staff were so friendly and couldn’t do enough for you. This place is also relatively new, and somewhat ‘learning as it goes along’ kind of thing, but for us, our room was lovely, any problem was not a problem and sorted quickly. Owner, Eleni made it such a fantastic stay! They also have plans to put in a bar within the next year or so, which means another trip back is on the horizon!


Views of Albania! (I’ve done sailing previously so I was the obvious captain of SS Pedalo.)








Can I go anywhere without finding some sort of rock n roll bar? A lot of good music was played here and a five minute walk up the road had tribute nights, notably Elvis and the Beatles. We only saw the Beatles tribute, which if they’d have had scouse accents, it would have been pretty spot on.





Led Bloody Zeppelin that’s who. I actually had no idea my mum was sneaking a photo of me, as I took one of the rocks. I kind of like this unflattering, windy, hunchback look and I tried to put a 70s look on it but I’m not entirely sure that I succeeded. And for those who know me, yes the chimney sweep/Peaky Blinders cap did make the holiday…




This was actually taken very early in the morning, the only time the beach was quiet!


Towards the end of our stay, one evening we embarked on an accidental quest to find a florist to buy some flowers for all the help Eleni provided. This florist we were told was about ten/fifteen minutes to walk to the next village and once there, it was a three-hundred metre walk to the shop. As it turns out, that three-hundred metres was in fact well over a mile. We found some pretty cool places en route though, including another rock n roll type bar, unfortunately closed as we walked past. (If anyone can tell me who the guy is left of Ozzy Ozbourne, that would be appreciated. We couldn’t figure him out.)







We spent a day at Aqualand where I experienced a fish spa for the first time. It was the weirdest feeling but I’d certainly recommend experiencing it at least once! I also decided to go down an 80ft vertical drop slide. If I owned a swear box, I’d have dug very deep in my pocket sat at the top of that thing. I don’t know if anyone has ever been down anything similar, but I came off the slide at the top and that was the single scariest part. It was all over in a matter of seconds but blimey. That little fuzz ball on the right is me.


Our last dinner on the sea front looking right over to Albania. These views will certainly be missed!





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