So let me introduce you to a band, if you don’t already know of them, who go by the name Allah-Las. Their third album, Calico Review was released last month and I don’t know enough about music to review it but I’d highly recommend it. Along with their eponymous debut, Allah-Las and Worship the Sun.

Their sound is how I’d describe as west coast, surf, psych, maybe lines of rock in there. Like I said, I don’t know enough about music but my point is, they’re amazing. I’ve seen them twice now- just the other Tuesday then also at Cosmosis earlier this year. Live, they’re pretty immaculate, it’s a massive shame that a few fights broke out here and there and also really weird given their sound. You know what I mean, like they’re not the Sex Pistols, their aim isn’t to make you more aggressive than when you entered the door.

If you’re into the likes of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Foxygen and upcoming bands like the Vryll Society (who I’m also going to see co headline with Hidden Charms next week- definitely give these a whirl), it’s likely you’ll like these. And even if you’re not, there’s nowt to lose by giving them a whirl!

I realise this post is hugely vague as it’s not really me going over the gig let alone reviewing it for that matter but we drank a fair amount and smuggled in a few beers too many to have been ‘working’ a review shift. I just wanted to share this wonderful band. I also chilled with a couple of the band after knocking about Gorilla, which as nice as the venue is, it’s not price friendly for me. But the guys are so down to earth, which is always nice when you enjoy someone’s music and it turns out that they’re actually alright.




Until I’m offered a photography gig, questionable/drunken/but entirely genuine iphone photos will have to suffice!


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