Hidden Charms & The Vryll Society

Okay, so here I am with another one of those ‘look what gig I went to but this isn’t a review’ posts.

Hidden Charms are a London four piece whose style I’d describe as bluesy-rhythm rock n roll, very Jack White inspired and hey this is why I don’t review. But seriously, they’re very good. I’ve listened to their stuff for a while now, and there have been past tours in Manchester and Birmingham where dates clash with my scattered business, but not this time.

The two bands are on a co-headline tour and I saw them at Gorilla, which is such a sick venue! I do love Gorilla, despite how far it makes me dig in my pocket. We did miss the support because me making doors is a very unheard of occaison because I’m here, there, everywhere but yano.

So Charms came on and y’know what? They’re a lot better live than they are recorded and I didn’t know how they could get any better but live is the one. There’s just so much energy and enthusiasm on stage, like you can feel the pure love for what they’re doing. You’ve just definitely got to check these boys out! I can’t remember the setlist or anything because I was fairly drunk (as I always am). Although a personal highlight does include Cannonball, which is a relatively new track from the past year, but it’s so funky, you can’t not have a bit of a boogie to it. Plus the style of these boys is very 60s/70s esque, twangs of the Stones, a dash of mod, a mixture of sugar and spice and all things nice.

We were actually kinda lucky as we did hang out with these for a few bevs after. We ourselves were debating where to go after/also for pres to go out out, and we realised we were around the corner from Font. Now, I’d never been to this Font, I’d stayed pretty close to home and only even frequented the Fallowfield one. BUt in terms of menu, this place is exactly the same, this one was a lot bigger though, and a pretty sick vibe running around it. You’re not really gonna cry over a £2 cocktail whilst making a bunch of new pals and chilling with a band.

**I also want to shout out to the tour manager (of whom, we don’t know) who we met outside. Thank you for bringing your dogs on tour/thank you for allowing me and another girl I’d only met that night fuss your dogs for about half an hour. You’re golden.**

Then there’s the Vryll Society whom I’ve only gotten into fairly recently, more fool me right? Because I’ve been missing out, a lot. Now their music which I’d put on a psychedelic wave, has so many dimensions to it, there’s a lot going on- it’s very intricately woven to form someting quite sureal actually. I’d certainly recommend these, and see them again. I’m just a bit of a goujon for discovering them so late.

And we all remember how great I am at gig photos…






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