The Fratellis

November 29th, the day of an essay deadline followed by a free pass to the late show curtesy of the too much fun club. That’s a bit of Hunter S. Thompson for ya there.

Anyway, so we ended up on the guest list due to a very good pal, (thank u v much Taf, bless u) and had a bit of a party at the Fratellis. We missed the support- standard me, right? There’s a theme with me and gigs. I knew in advance that it was Johnny Lloyd and I’m kinda gutted I missed him but I do enjoy being with my friends at a pub, so..

So this tour was the tenth anniversary of Costello Music, an album I fucking love. My dad used to own this album all them years ago, so consequently it was something I just listened to. I’ll also admit that it’s pretty much the only stuff from the Fratellis that I know. I’ve never bothered to listen to them too much if I’m honest, Costello Music is just a very nostalgic album for me with quite a few bangers. Even if you, strictly speaking, don’t know these, you’ll 100% know Chelsea Dagger.

Classic me, I was pretty drunk for the gig (when am I not?) but from what I remember, it was spot on. I can’t remember if they played the album in order exactly but I do think it was fairly exact. Then the encore was either covers or some of their other stuff, stuff I didn’t know, which was, whatever, fine. I don’t know, I feel like I would have preferred it a bit more if the bangers, your classic Chelsea Dagger, Henrietta, Baby Fratelli etc were played last, like the crowd pleasers, the ones you know are gonna go off. But nonetheless, it was a pretty good gig. I hadn’t been to a bigger gig for a few weeks, I enjoyed the crowd- a good mix. This is just me rambling really because I don’t massively recall much else after, bar a few bar hoppings and a visit to 42s. I did meet a few random people outside 42s and went on a bit of an adventure but other than that, check out the Fratellis! Give their newer stuff a whirl as well, I’m certainly going to. Can’t have an opinion on what I’m yet to hear.

Anyway, enjoy this questionable photo..



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