So, you might remember I wrote a post about buying another puppy and I think the time has come to do a pupdate. Even though we only got her towards the end of September, anyone whose ever had a puppy will know that they grow at lightning speed. Plus, I want to get another pupdate in after Christmas when I’ll actually be home for a month, and I know by then she’ll be even bigger and more of a blunderbuss than she aready is!

So for a quick fire if you don’t already know, Martha is a chocolate and white clumberdoodle, she’s about 4 and a half months old right now, weighs around 11kilos, which is the same as my fully grown cockapoo.

Here’s a progress list:
-She’s very nearly there with house training
-Loves a walk
-Her teeth are like needles
-She still falls over herself a bit
-Can go up the stairs but not down

But, what everyone wants when they hear about puppies- the pictures!









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