21 Things I’ve Learnt

21 things I’ve learnt in 21 years.

So this is a sort of tag thing I’ve seen floating about- people doing it relevant to their birthdays, and today is mine! (Assuming this went live when scheduled aka 22nd but we’ll see) The big 21. Currently in New York as you’re reading this so keep your eyes peeled for that post soon!

1. Not everyone is gonna like you and that’s okay! I luckily realised this pretty early into my teens. The earlier you realise it, that happier you’ll be, which leads me to…

2. Other people’s opinions of your are not your business. Who cares what other people think of you? Who cares if they judge you? As long as you’re happy, this shouldn’t matter to you.

3. It’s okay to fail. I’ve failed at A LOT, and it’s okay. As long as you’ve tried, and the fear of failure doesn’t keep you from trying, it’s completely okay to fail. I still do it now, take it as a learning curve.

4. What I call a scuzzy is actually called a body polisher. Okay, so not as intense as the previous three but how BORING! I much prefer scuzzy. Body polisher? Pfffft.

5. Keep your family and friends close. You haven’t gotta be the best of pals with your parents but they’ll always be there for you whenever you need them. Same goes for your pals, and vice versa, you’ve gotta keep your eyes out for your friends and family, have their back if the time comes.

6. RING YOUR GRANDPARENTS. I did this, but certainly not enough. It’s unfortunate that old saying of ‘you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone’. True. 1000% true. I lost a few grandparents whilst I was at uni/two hours away from home, and although I kept in touch, what I’d give to have rang them a lot more.

7. Don’t stick around negative people. I’ve cut myself off from anyone who I’ve deemed negative or poisonous. I don’t mean never speak to your pals if they’re having an off day, but someone who always puts you down, someone who never has a good word to say about anything, thats the sort of person you don’t need. Negativity breeds negativity, be positive and surround yourself with positive people!

8. Spread love and happiness.I’m not gonna go too hippie-go-lucky here and this kinda links to points 1 and 2, but spread love! You might not like brightly coloured hair, tattoos, piercings, I don’t know the list goes on, but other people do! Don’t put other people down. Someone else’s tattoos isn’t giving you tattoos, so what’s the problem? You do you and let other people do them.

9. Talk to people! So this isn’t easy for everyone, I get that, but talking to people is how you make friends. Talking to people from all different walks of life (especially if you travel) is good for you, it’s good for the heart. How you see things is totally different to how someone else might view them, other people can help you learn and experience things you might never have thought. Stories are fantastic.
9.5 this links to 6, but talk to your grandparents! They were young once, they hve stories and memories to share. I know I love listening to the stories of my grandparents, even other elderly folk because I just find it so fascinating. But everyone has a story to tell.

10. Everyone you’ll ever meet knows something you don’t. You’re never too old to learn something new. Always keep learning, whatever it is and however you gain knowledge doesn’t matter, just keep learning!

11. Don’t get involved in things that don’t concern you. Pretty simple really. I’m talking relationships, arguments, gossip, menial things.

12. Always support your friends in whtever they do! This links to a lot of the above, but sometimes all someone needs are some kind words of encouregment for them to try, and who knows where that trying could lead. Just always back your mates in their endeavours.

13. Question everything. A question isn’t answered, if an answer isn’t questioned, right? Don’t stop learning! Question why it is that the earth just so happens to have the right climate for life and why it is positioned where it is. Question why 1+1=2, why a dog is called a dog and not a cat. Question is all, blow your mind a little and learn!

14. Just because you’re honest, doesn’t mean everyone else is. I get really panicky when I try and lie, I find it so difficult and I rarely ever do it. However, just because I value honesty rather highly, it doesn’t mean everyone else has this value. Just because the words coming out of my mouth are honest ones, doesn’t mean the ones going in my ears are as well.

15. Always see the best in people until they give you a reason not to. An extension of 7 and 14.

16. Stop with the overthinking. Easy said than done, maybe. But I snapped out of this along with number 1 and 2, and it really makes life a lot easier. Sometimes, if life gives you lemons, it’s not expecting you to make the lemonade.

17. The best way to judge a person is to see how they treat people who can do absolutely nothing for them. Doesn’t need an explanation but it’s a good way to judge a person’s character.

18. Learn to be on your own. Until I was about 13/14ish I literally couldn’t leave the house on my own. I wouldn’t go anywhere or do anything without the company of someone else. There was a reason for that but that’s a different story. BUT the point is, go watch a film on your own, travel on your own (I’m actually in New York on my own as I write this) like it’s okay to do things by yourself. And equally, if you’ve only ever known how to deal with things with the help of others, you’re gonna be truly fucked when the time comes to be on your own. And it will.

19. Pick your poison. Alcohol speaking here, find the spirit, wine, beer, whatever- find the one (s) that will allow your head to stay clear, the one that is your friend, and stick to it. It’ll save you many mornings knowing which bev is your friend.

20. Know when to stop. Bit of a weird one this but in terms of joking with people, explaining things, whatever it is, you just gotta know where the line is- when you’ve taken it too far. 

21. Be yourself. Woah hello cliche alert. But it’s true. Might as well be you, do the things you enjoy, live your life, here for a good time not a long time. C’est la vie.


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