2016: A round up

Afternoon, afternoon.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years and what better way I thought than for my first post of 2017 to be about 2016- a little round up of the past year.

Now 2016 was one of those years. It was the closest (so far) I’ve come to dropping out of my degree and a few hits that life had to throw at me which won’t have a mention because the good things last year were really good, and there was a lot more exciting and happy things to outweigh a few hiccups!

Just a warning, this is going to be quite a picture heavy post, I mean, I’m summarising an entire year, and some of it was covered on this blog after transitioning from my old one. However, I’ve dug out some photos that didn’t make the blog posts, or instagram. An exclusive camera roll peek, if you will. Also the pictures are pretty average in the moment, but I love photography, and that’s something I’m going to try and properly incorporate in this blog for 2017.

So, I wouldn’t be the crazy dog lady that I am if I didn’t start this post with Martha. Although we only collected her in September, she was arguably the biggest part of 2016. I love all my dogs, and I’m so, so happy to have another bundle of joy in my life. If you’re also a crazy dog person like myself and want to see a bit more of her, I have a Pupdate series on this blog. So far there’s part one and part two of her journey, and keep your eyes peeled for part three within the next few weeks! When I was finding the pictures to share, I came across a photo of a rather bemused looking Woody to throw into the mix.


Another big part of 2016 for me was certainly the travel. I was quite lucky to spend a bit of time in a lot of places, all of which I covered on the blog! So if you’re interested in a more in depth view of Barcelona and SitgesMaltaCorfu and New York are all up, with the Dublin write up coming in the next few days. I’ve also visitied a lot of places in the UK, however these are ones I frequent a lot, such as Oxford and Liverpool- even Manchester where I’ve lived for the last few years, I’m still finding new places I haven’t seen before. But I hope to travel a bit more in 2017, that’s one perpetual ‘resolution’. Anyway, here’s a few bootleg pictures from a few of those places.


2016 was also an amazing year for music! I didn’t attend any festivals last year, although that was mostly due to travelling and saving for New York was a bit of a ball buster. However, 2016 did have a lot of gigs. A lot of bands I’d never seen before- such as the Maccabees, Allah-Lasthe Fratellis and the Stone Roses were quite a big one! I lie about the festivals, I went to Cosmosis (does that count?) and that was incredible. In fact, I touched on it very briefly here. A lot of smaller gigs knocking about Manchester with Hidden Charms & The Vryll Society, April and a lot of live music in general. Such as open mic nights, Matt and Phred’s for a bit of jazz etc. 2016 was just an absolutely smashing year for music- old bands and new. There’s definitely a lot of good new and upcoming bands knocking about- let me know if you want a post featuring who I think is worth watching out for.


Speaking of Manchester, I made an effort in 2016 to visit new places within it. Places like bars cafes, just small things but I’m one of those people who once I’ve found somewhere I like, I’ll return, often at the expense of ignoring other places. Night & Day is one of these- knocking about Oldham Street in the northern quarter, I’ve been pretty fond of this place since I moved to Manchester and would recommend this to anyone who likes a dark venue, pretty rock and roll with cool pictures and neon signs on the wall. It also hosts a lot of live musc which is certainly a plus in my eyes, and this place is pretty nice in the day for a coffee and a bite to eat!
BUT, the end of 2016 saw the opening of Jimmy’s, which is certainly a new favourite. I’m yet to go here during the day for a coffee but the night alone makes it one of my new favourite bars. The music is spot on, the decor- neon signs, a zebra print sofa, a pool table (always a plus) oh and there’s slush! Oh and the bathrooms definitely need a mention, they’re mad cool. Kind of how I’d imagine in a penthouse suite of a 5* hotel on Mars. If you know me, you’ll know this place ranks 11/10. Also in the northern quarter up Newton Street.
How I left it so long before venturing into Matt and Phred’s I’ll never know. This place is sexy. Live jazz and a free pizza when you buy two pints, what more do you want?
Another place was brought to my attention from a friend of mine who is vegan. In the fast five years or so, I’ve developed an intolerance to dairy which is fine like I’ve accommodated it but ice cream, oh how I miss thee. So our friend took us to Ice Shack in Withington and they have ice cream, ice cream that I can eat!! Yasssss. They do have other stuff of the desert variety like apple pie, cakes, truffles etc. I believe everything in there is vegetarian and a lot is vegan, so if you’re like me and/or veggie, or just fancy trying something new, I’d definitely recommend trying this place out!
Oh and Hands. Everyone loves a bit of Hands. Big Hands is sick, especially the rooftop in summer! It’s also seconds away from the Academy and thus a good go to before and after gigs- or before and after lectures. Yep. That’s been known to happen. It’s also home to what I believe is the most photographed bathroom in Europe (I wouldn’t hold me to that). But if you’ve been, you’d believe it.
Bourbon & Black in Didsbury is also worth a mention, they’ve got a pretty cool interior. It’s not somehwere I go as often as the others but it’s definitely worth a shout if you’re in the area.


The Olympic parade came to Manchester after the UK came second in the games. That was pretty cool. It did absolutely chuck it down though, the heavens really did open. Because I’m an idiot, something that won’t change throughout 2017, I didn’t wear anything waterproof/hate umbrellas and consequently got soaked through three layers, not so much a highlight haha. But if you saw it, in Manchester or London, you’ll know how much of a party it was, good atmosphere and good vibes all around. Something that will have to wait at least another four years to see again.


Friends. Friends are a highlight every year and every year welcomes new faces, and even loses a few and that’s fine. Friends are one of those thigns, as you get older, some come and some go, and that’s not really sad because whilst they were there, a lot of happy memories were made! 2016 was a good year for friends, there’s going to be no sop here but figured they at least deserved a mention. Also, apologies on the heavy halloween feature, times like that is one of the very few where I think to take photos of the pals. Minus the times they/I do something stupid, they’re v well documented but I doubt sharing those would be appreciated haha!


And finally just a bunch of miscellaneous photos!


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