Sooo, let’s throw back to 2016 for a minute. I mentioned briefly that before I went to New York, I had a weekend in Dublin. Originally I was just gonna do a layover because it was a few hundred pounds cheaper this way but then I thought, what if I just fly to Dublin earlier and have a weekend there?! I woould have preferred a direct flight to New York so for the sake of a few hundred pounds, I spent that exploring Dublin for a couple of days!

I’d never actually been to Dublin, or anywhere in the Republic of Ireland, or even Northern Ireland for that matter, so I was pretty keen to give it a whirl! I did invite my friends to join me, but due to the time of year and money, nearly all of them pulled out so instead I went with my mum. We don’t spend too much time together these days so it was quite nice to have a little trip together.

We booked to stay at the Premier Inn near the airport, mainly because of convenience, but it was a nice stay. I’ve never stayed at a Premier Inn before and I’d definitely recommend this one for somewhere quite cheap if you’re not willing to bunk out in a hostel (which I’ve also had 11/10 experiences thus far and would recommend btw).


Now round the corner from our hotel was Hogs & Heifers which I would 1000% suggest checking out, if ever you’re in the area. The portions are HUGE and the cocktails are delicious. I ate (most of) the best veggie burger of my life to date here and my mum had the biggest pile of nachos that she just about made a quarter through. This place was pretty rock n roll as well with a motorbike hanging from the ceiling, bras on the ceiling- kinda similar to Slim Jim’s in London which I featured here, as well as fairy lights, neon signs and dim lighting, bangin’ tunes, absolutely my sort of place.







My mum and I also spent a full day exploring Dublin a bit. Including the castle, the Leprechaun Museum and obviously the very famous Temple Bar. We got super lucky as the duration of our stay was sunny and dry, it was freezing, but at least it didn’t rain! Definitely made the place more aesthetically pleasing to say the least.





The Leprechaun Museum was something I wanted to do before we even got to Dublin and my mum was easily convinced. Honestly, if you’re ever in Dublin, you definitely need to check this place out! It was about €15 entry (I think) and you get a guided tour in the form of a story. Round of applause for that explanation. But you’re led into different parts including where you’re ‘transformed into a leprechaun’ and get to see all the giant furniture, which might I add, was a bit of a mission to get on without a leg up- possible but a mission. Walking through the rainbow was possibly my favourite part, that was pretty trippy and led you to the pot of gold. It was just a lot of fun whilst you learn about the history and stories of the leprechaun!



Now have you even visitied Dublin, if you haven’t visited the Temple Bar in the Temple Bar district? I’ve seen this everywhere from instagram to blog posts to Dublin tourist guides and it was definitely on my agenda to visit this place. Just a prewarning, this place is an absolute tourist trap and it was €7/8 each for a pint of Guinness and Heineken, which is OUTRAGEOUS. However, the interior is beautiful, there’s live music, and whilst we were there, there was a stag do happening which was hilarious. Basically loads of guys all dressed up as the Spice Girls, latex suits left right and centre, they were just hilarious, no other word for it!




Dublin, you were delightful.


***September 2018 update: You can access this post on the GPSmyCity app, available for download here ***


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