6 Month Pupdate

Hello, me again, merry January and all that jazz. Today, from a dog free setting in Manchester (CRY), I bring to you a 6 month pupdate of the little meathead that goes by Martha.

If you’re unfamiliar with Martha, then where have you been? We brought her home last September and if you saw her here, then these photos will show such a difference in her size! She was always going to be bigger and heavier than my other two dogs, but she’s collared the nickname meathead because she does have a very large head. She’s quite sweet actually, if you put your hand under her chin, she’ll drop the entire weight of her head into your hands, and irrelevant of how gently you pull your hand away, her head just falls- bless her!

Actually in that respect, she’s quite the blunderbuss. All of her mannerisms are still puppy-like. She doesn’t quite realise how big she is, which does cause her to often sit on Woody’s head. Although maybe she’s playing, who knows what goes on inside that head of hers?!

Currently she’s 14kilos, expected to reach 20/22. She loves walks, puddles- water in general, attacking playing with Woody, and she does love a good old fuss. She knows a few commands such as sit, down, lie down, wait and paws. She is just a lovely little dog! Although she is soon to be spayed, which she won’t appreciate too much. No one is keen on the vets, Moop.

On with the pictures! If you have a puppy, you’ll appreciate how difficult it is to take a photo of them. Equally if you have more than one dog, a family photo is just as difficult.

A lot of treats were consumed in the taking of these photos.





An inaccurate representation of how much room two dogs require on a king size bed:








Thanks for reading! Big love to all the dogs and their fellow dog people out there.



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