A Weekend of Gigs

Roll up, roll up

So I’ve been suffering under the ole disstresstation and consequently the fun I’ve been having has been limited. Just swimming in a shark pool of deadlines, you know how it is.

However, I had a pretty exciting few days where I attended three gigs that I’m here to share with you.

I also want to shoutout my good pal, Timmy, who hooked me up on the guest list to all three gigs. Literally saving me over £100, and being a student, that’s a lot of dolla. So, who did I go see you ask. Well, it was a little cocktail consisting of Circa WavesThe Jesus and Mary Chain and Temples. I’ve seen all three of these before, but these were certainly the best shows I’ve seen of them.

Circa Waves, Manchester Academy, 23/03/17
So, this was part of their Different Creatures tour, an album you can buy here. Circa Waves’ music is fairly reminiscent of the stuff I used to listen to circa (hah) 2012/13 in the emergence of the btown scene. It’s what you’d place in the indie pop/rock pigeon hole. Quite bouncy tunes played to a crowd that lapped it up. I’m not one for reviews because frankly, I’ve not the slightest what I’m chatting, but Circa Waves are a nice indie soundtrack, an easy listen. I’ve gotta say though, this was the best time I’d seen them. It was also the first gig I’ve chilled on the balcony watching the madness rather than getting involved- I liked it though. The new tunes off Different Creatures are certainly a step up from those on Young Chasers.
Live highlights include: T-Shirt Weather, Fossils, Fire That Burns, Different Creatures, A Night On The Broken Tiles

The Jesus and Mary Chain, Manchester Academy, 25/03/17
Oh, the Mary Chain, how I love thee. Okay, so I’ve been pretty lucky with JAMC as this was the third time I’ve seen them since their Psychocandy 30th anniversary tour back in 2014 at Troxy. I thought that was a good gig, and more so when I saw them at Cosmosis last year, but their show at the academy truly was third time’s the charm. This tour followed the release of Damge and Joy, which you can purchase here. Do you know what? I actually quite like that album. Its had a fair amount of stick, especially within the circles I swim but I’ve never been one for the fuzz/distortion that features so heavily on Psychocandy, I’m definitely surfing the Darklands/Stoned & Dethroned wave. I do see where some find the album a bit disappointing but it is always the case of you can’t expect a band to sound the same as they did thirty odd years ago. Again I was allowed balcony access, and even upon arrival, it is always nice to see a mixed crowed- the ones who are my age and the ones who were my age when the band started. This type of crowd was definitely more mellow than that of most gigs I go to, but it was expected. I enjoyed the gig however, but I wasn’t around thirty years ago for the comparison.
Live highlights include: April Skies, Blues From A Gun, Nine Million Rainy Days, The Hardest Walk, Moon Rider

Temples, Manchester Academy, 28/03/17
Last but not least, to finish the theme of three is Temples.The third on this list that I have also seen three times- it all comes in threes ey. Well this spicy little psychedelic four piece from Kettering have been knocking around for a few years now, but this tour followed the release of their second album Volcano, which you can buy here. We had to wait three years for Volcano and it was worth the wait. Bagshaw graced the stage in a gold sequin number, a sartorial nod to love-father Bolan. The light show was pretty tight as well, I really enjoyed the overall production of the gig. I also think the new tunes are a step up from Sun Structures but it would’ve been nice maybe for more of a difference. Like I said, I don’t really write reviews as such, I just know that I enjoyed it. I would say this is the best time I’ve seen them but this is the only time I properly remember so.
Live highlights include: I Want To Be Your (Mirror), Roman God-Like Man, Colours To Life, Keep In The Dark, Mesmerise

Keep buying music, go to gigs and #supportyourlocalmusicscene

If anyone has any artist recommendations similar to these, please let me know!


Disclaimer: I will gain a small percentage of profit from sales through affiliate links.


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