Pupdate IV

Hello, hello, yes it’s been a very long blog-less time, I know. Unfortunately, my time has been filled with deadlines and a dissertation, all of which are finito. THANK GOD. Can you believe there’s only three exams between me and GRADUATING uni?! Where have these past three years gone?!

I digress.

So, pupdate part IV will be the last one until little Martha turns 1 in July! If this is your first pupdate visit then welcome, Martha is a chocolate and white clumberdoodle and you can see her journey here: part one; part two; part three

I went home for a bit over the Easter break (this is how late this post is) and caught up with my three fluffy, bundles of over excited joy. I hadn’t seen any of them, bar the weekly facetimes, since Christmas. CHRISTMAS. Can you believe?! MONTHS. I went months. But in that long time, I noticed that Martha is absolutely massive. She’s the biggest of the three now, she still falls over herself, she loves lying down/standing is a struggle, she has ticked off ‘paw’ on her trick-list, unfortunately she has not quite grasped the concept of fetch yet and she absolutely loves playing with big bro, Woody!

Without further ado, the reason we’re all here, I bring you Martha…




The only way to win is to pin your opponent, right? I’ve realised that all these photos are indoors but 1. England rains a good 95% of the time and 2. when we do actually play outside, Martha and Woody (and I) just run in circles, so that’s a minor struggle. Side note: Can we just look at Woody’s face.




This used to be a long, plaited rope toy. I couldn’t tell you what it is now- broken, fabric, not a plait, a toy (?) that is loved very much etc




You can’t see it but what those jaws of death grasp is an indestructable dog toy. They sell it as indestructable but you could also call it a lie. If you know of any toys that are indestructable, please leave them in the comments!
Martha: 1, Indestructable toy: 0



For a dog who loves water and puddles, a bubble bath does not receive quite the same amount of affection. An at-home pre holiday haircut courtesy of Tina’s Dog Grooming. If you’re around the Warwickshire area, certainly see if Pretty Paws is near you. Don’t be fooled by Martha’s face, it is the best dog grooming in town!




And finally, the best picture I have thus far of lil Martha! A lot of playing was endured to create a tired puppy for this nice photo.






**There will be some sort of regularity with this blog again**


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