GPSmyCity: Giveaway!

Helllllooo, so I come with my tail in between my legs after stating in my last blog that these posts would have more regularity. It appears I got too caught up in uni work to deliver such promise. HOWEVER, I do bring you a giveaway!

So, in this increasingly digital world, when travelling, we tend to rely more upon our phones than perhaps a map or simply asking another person- which can become more difficult if you’re travelling, and there’s a language barrier. Y’know the score, you’re in another country and you’ve heard about this amazing restaurant but you can’t remember where it was so you give it a quick google and be on your way.

However, let me introduce to you, GPSmyCity. It’s an app you can download on your phone and it has walks for over 1000 cities around the world. Effectively, this little tool can provide you multiple walking tours for the city you’re visiting. These walks are provided by different bloggers whose posts have been converted to the app to make your travels just that bit easier! So, for example, there are general guides/tours that will take you around the main attractions and highlights of your chosen city, and more specific tours, such as foodie tours, museums, free things to do etc.

This sounds great, right? Well, these travel articles are FREE for you to use, providing you have internet access, you can download any articles you choose! This means that you can peruse them when you have no internet- such as on the plane en route to your destination! There is also an option to upgrade your article for a small fee- $1.99 (that’s about £1.50 for my fellow Brits). You’re probably thinking, why upgrade when you can access the article for free? This upgrade allows access to an offline map, connecting the app to your phone’s GPS, so even without internet, you can follow the route to the places mentioned in your article! Think of it like this, y’know when you’re following your satnav and the signal cuts out, so you spend a few minutes travelling down the same road hoping it quickly recalculates your route? This is the same concept! For such a small fee, you’ll be saving yourself a roaming abroad charge, for when you’re lost and needing to recalculate your route!

So, the giveaway! One of my posts from when I visited Dublin has been converted into a travel article. For the first week of it’s release (Monday 26 June – Monday 3 July), you will be able to download and upgrade the article for FREE here. So if you’re planning a trip across the pond (or the UK puddle) sometime in the near future, be sure to download and upgrade my article from the GPSmyCity app and you’ll be able to follow the route I took around Dublin, and visit some cool places such as the notorious Temple Bar in the Temple Bar District and the Leprechaun Museum! Even if you’re not planning to visit Dublin any time soon, GPSmyCity have hundreds of articles for hundreds of cities across the globe! So even if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, I’m sure they’ll have something for you. That being said, my visit to Kutna Hora has also been converted to an app, so if you’re visiting the Czech Republic any time soon, you can find that article here.



Let me know your travel plans and if you have any cool trips booked!


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