Reykjavik: A Night Stroll

**Apologies for the late posting. July was insanely busy, but hey, I’ve got some good posts coming up!


Part three of my Iceland trilogy is here! This time, I’ll take you on a night stroll of Reykjavik, including several photos of street art, colourful buildings and vikings. We were in Iceland during Reykjavik’s Winter Lights Festival! The festival spans over a few days and each day has a different event, so to speak. The city was full of the ole’ hustle and bustle with all sorts of entertainment such as arts, music and dance events to name a few. There was also a huge cycling event happening whilst we were strolling around- just casually dodging bikes here and there.

So, as I mentioned in my overview of Iceland, which you can read here, we stayed in Hotel Cabin. I’d recommend this hotel to anyone who is more of a budget traveller. We shared a twin room and the price included breakfast- which was a god send with how much food costs! Anyway, our hotel was near a bus stop which you could take straight into the city centre, however this wasn’t particularly cheap (not your Magic Bus prices anyway, if you know, you know) but a quick Google told us it was a half an hour walk away, which for a normal person, is about 20 minutes. Plus, what better way to explore than to walk, right? So off we went in our snow boots, still slippin ‘n slidin’ the whole route.





Oh Hallgrímskirkja, the building you’ll certainly recognise. Sadly, I can’t offer you anything other than pictures of the outside because we didn’t go up it. It looked closed and we thought it was (apparently it wasn’t) but hey ho, we’ll just have to revisit, right? Anyway, if you do go up to the top, you will be treated to 360 views of Reykjavik. This is where the pretty pictures of those colourful houses in the snow are taken.

This church is pretty impressive though, it looks like a rocket- it’s an Expressionist masterpiece. I’ve only seen pictures, so definitely go in because the organ looks like something else entirely! It really is just a beautiful building, so definitely check this out- whether you go in it or not, it’s hard to miss.






A little music gem was this Punk Museum- only about a year or so old and was opened by Johnny Rotten himself. The venue is what used to be public toilets- it’s all rather fitting. Sadly, we didn’t go in here as it wasn’t Brown’s cup of tea but it’s worth noting that it’s open until 10pm, so you’ll definitely find a spare few to have a look. This is definitely a must for a music fan because we all love a bit of the Sex Pistols, whether we know it or not.


You’ll actually see polar bears and vikings outside shops, on a very regular basis, and this isn’t just exclusive to the city centre either. Excellent.



There’s a Hard Rock wherever you go, I have no idea why but I definitely didn’t expect to see one in Iceland. The rule of Hard Rock, is you do have to go and have a mooch around the memorabilia. A drum kit belonging tp the Smashing Pumpkins lives here, along with a Bon Jovi guitar and Britney Spears’ police costume. The downstairs was home to a cute little bar, which had neon signs in abundance! If you know me, you’ll know how much I love a neon sign. But, the biggest surprise was the huge Jim Morrison mural! It was massive, and pretty good to say the least! Sadly, the bar is in the way so you can’t exactly get a straight on photo of it, but it is impressive! Definitely and obviously another must for any music fan.






Okay, so this is kind of a jokey picture. Y’know that thing where it doesn’t matter where you are, everywhere you go, there’s an Irish pub? Well, this is an Irish pub in Iceland and with the cost of alcohol, you can bet we did not go in (sadly). But they’ll always be another one!

On another note, if you’re wanting cheap food, opposite the Drunk Rabbit but further down the road, there’s a tiny hole-in-the-wall Pylsur hot dog stand. This is the food of Iceland and it’s everywhere! I don’t eat meat but Brown bought one, and she swears it’s the best hot dog she’s ever had. We found one of the sauces in the supermarket and she was fully going to buy a bottle to bring home! So, if you’re into hot dogs, definitely give one a try. Cheap and cheerful, what more do you need? This particular stand had a very cheery, very loud singing fella serving the dogs, boy did he love his job. You might get to see- or at least hear, him too!



[Petition for all end houses/buildings to have huge murals on them]


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Iceland trilogy! Hopefully they’re inspired you to go visit Iceland, or at least given you some ideas of what to do and what tp expect when you get there!
*I plan to stop being lazy and breaking down all of my travel posts in a similar way from now on and I just got back from Hamburg, so keep your eyes peeled!


***September 2018 update: You can access this post on the GPSmyCity app, available for download here ***


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