Hellooooo, it’s me, a real life graduate! I graduated back in July. Me- I graduated. Absolute scenes!

Okay so, where to begin? I graduated from the University of Manchester in BA Philosophy with a 2:1 with honours and that’s quite a statement right there. Let me set the scene of how much I hated, hate, hate, hated my course. Hated it. I swapped courses on A-level results day with no thought at all (I’m a stupid graduate, mind), I tried to change during my first year and second year and considered dropping out in my final year. I won’t go on because it’s truly quite a long, stressful story including many breakdowns. So yeah, imagine the grades I could have got, if I had enjoyed my course.

I went back up to the motherland the night before- coincidentally one of my best pals, Timmy’s 21st birthday! The sun blessed us a beautiful day and as the sun set, a very suspicious pigeon emptied it’s arse on us all outside Spoons. It was all going so well. Anyway, back upon a sofa in Salford, I slept soundly until the day arrived. I JOKE.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_42e5[Cloud 23]

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4289[This drink cost £13/4 with a service charge on top, you defo pay for the view. Stay local, wouldn’t recommend]


My graduation was the first one of the day circa 10am, but I had to be there at 8am and my parents were aiming to arrive around then. So still very bevved, having had a couple of hours kip, I awoke my slumber, showered, painted my rock n roller face and slid on all of my beloved, ugly, biker rings.

In the ceremony, I actually got to sit with a couple of my course pals ‘cos we all know the score and sorted our last names. I skipped breakfast, which I never do and would not recommend, so safe to stay I was STARVING with our meal booked for 3pm, how was I going to make it?! It was weird though, like I’ve obviously never been in that situation before and as we were lining up at the stairs, I’ve never shook so much in my entire life. Me.. nervous, shaky shaky nervous. Might have been the hunger, I was surviving off of a chewing gum that I’d had since circa 6am. And then it was all over. Shook the hand of the Dean and I won’t lie, I’ve never seen her before in my life ever but there ya go. Collected my 27k plus all of the other debt piece of paper and I was off. Your gal is the first to graduate in all of her family, MENTAL.


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_42eb[Can u tell I prefer being behind the camera? Look at how weird my teeth look am so annoyed, appaz half my mouth has suddenly caved in]

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_429d[Just ya day one pals]

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_429f[You better know this sporty gal caught that hat every time]

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_42a2[I don’t know who I think I am either, as you were. PG x]


MjBVgbKIRMi5N13MkK9EAg_thumb_42a8[This is my family circulated official photo because we’re not made of money to buy a v expensive official one]

Definitely took note of the free bevs outside in the tent, they were appreciated. I stuck around for a bit to see my mates here and there but then I took my family to the NQ. If you know the bar, Jimmy’s, that’s been my favourite since it opened, and I am beyond gutted that it opened in my final year. So you better know I was going to show the fam the joint. I’ve gotta say, I definitely prefer the place after dark but I’m kinda weird about natural light in a bar, if you know what I mean. No complaints however, they were cleaning the taps and every pint on the bar was free to take. More freebies! What an excellent day!

The meal was at the Blue Pig in the northern quarter and I would 11/10 recommend. I had never actually been in there before, but the menu looked class. I had the spicy vegan burger, which had an entire chilli as one of it’s layers, HEAVEN. I didn’t take a picture of it because I hadn’t eaten since lunch the previous day (good god, I’ll never be doing that again) so I absolutely smashed it. The bar also has a blood orange daiquiri on it’s menu. I love blood orange so this was a must and my love for rum does not discriminate between the cocktails it creates so a blood orange daiquiri it was. It was divine.



So that was my graduation day! The most stressful three years of my life, which I swore I would never put myself through ever again. Here’s a laugh, I’ve been researching masters properly and am applying for one starting next September. What a dafty.


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