Life Update


I figured I was long overdue an update due to my lack of blogging lately, so here it is. Whilst I’ve been preoccupied with some super exciting things coming and going, I am aware that my blogging has taken a step back. I’m kinda sad I’ve been pretty slack but here’s an update!


  1. Amsterdam
    Okay, this is the most exciting out of the lot. I literally just got back from Dam and it wasn’t any normal city break. Oh no. I saw the Rolling Stones! THE FREAKIN’ ROLLING STONES. I have a post or two in motion for this but that’s where I’ve been! It’s not really a secret, if you follow my instagram but that’s happened. The Rolling Stones ey. I won’t give the game away too much because you’ll hear about it very soon.
  2. AmeriCamp
    If you know me, I’ve looked at applying to work at summer camp since I was about 16. Obviously then I wasn’t old enough, but every year since I have found myself back at the ‘is this the year?’ looking longingly and constantly updating my Camp America profile. Well, this is the year (well, technically next year but u know). After years of debating and research, I actually opted to apply with AmeriCamp in the end. I’m currently within stage two, just waiting on two references and then my application should be circulating the US. I think I’m going to document the experience as I go along, and hopefully if I get placed because I’ve struggled to find a lot of blogs about it. I know AC themselves have blogs but I’m super nosy and like reading personal blogs, so that’s a plan down the line. Stay tuned for some camp adventures!
  3. Masters
    Lol, so back in my last post, I spoke about my graduation and I made it very clear how much I hated my course. I’ve been looking at masters for a while now, probably since my second year of Undergrad but I knew I had to do a year out of education to properly think it through and just get away from intense studying for a bit. Like a lot of people, I’ve been in education since I was like 4 and I’m now 21, my brain has melted a tad. With that being said, I am currently filling out an application for the University of Liverpool starting Sepetember 2018 so hopefully that’ll be sorted soon and I’ll know if I have a place there next year or not. As for the course, I’m applying for either a Music Industry or a Politics and/in Media but there’s a preference for the former. I keep looking at the politics knowing it’ll be interesting but the music industry is where I want to be; and if I’ve learnt anything from my undergrad ordeal, it’s that I’ve got to stop worrying about where I’m going to end up and focus more on where I am right now.
  4. Job
    I’m days away from starting my new job in retail, which I’m actually pretty excited for. Yeah, you read that right. It’s something I’ve never done before so I’m looking forward to it, plus it’s not for long anyway- with all going to plan, I’ll be working in America over summer and moving to Liverpool when I get back. It’s actually kind of scary when most of my friends are out there in their real life grad schemes and proper scary adult jobs and I’m just like nah, that’s not for me right now. Short and sweet but yer gal’s got a job.
  5. Reading
    Wow yes okay, this doesn’t sound exciting does it? But I’ve started reading again!! I can’t remember if I mentioned it in my graduation post, but my degree made me hate reading. I dreaded reading, even if it was a book of my choosing and not an essay. It all gave me a headache, and reading became a chore. Yeah, the girl who read every single day since I can remember- reading under the covers with a torch after lights out, now hated reading. Well, it is no more! Recently, I picked up the book I started in Iceland, The North Water and started reading from where I left off! I also purchased An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth and have since cracked on with that- written by Commander Chris Hadfield, absolute INSPO! Good god do people know my love for all things space and astronauts (spoiler alert, this gal cried home alone for a solid hour when I found out Neil Armstrong died. Yep.) Let me know if you’d like to see some sort of ‘what’s on my bookshelf’ kind of post!


So forgive my lack of blogging, I’ve had a busy couple of weeks sorting out some exciting and real life adult things! Oh, I’m also back at the yard so here’s a pic of me and ol’ little Henry.




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