2017: A round up

Let’s reflect, ey.

I wrote one of these last year to sum up 2016, which if memory serves correctly, was a pretty sick year for me. 2017 was also a good year, a few notable achievements or milestones, I don’t really know what to classify those big ones as. Oh, this post is probably going to be picture heavy. So without further ado and in no particular order, 2017…

1. Graduation
I can’t start rounding up 2017 without beginning with graduation. Yes, I know I said in no particular order however, graduating my undergraduate degree was huge. I covered the day in a pretty self explanitory post, well titled ‘Graduation‘ which you can go read, if you’re interested in what happened on the actual day. But I was the first person in my family to graduate uni, so that was big. That was pretty huge actually. It’s pretty weird to sit here now, typing this, not having to worry about January exams, being able to chill and relax without feeling guilty. It’s weird that it’s all over and I’m possibly going back in September but for now, 2017 was the year I became a graduate and that’s mental.

2. Travel
2017 was relatively mellow for travel. My best friend and I finally, after all those years, went on holiday together to Iceland. Iceland was insane. In fact, flicking back through my photos in order to write this post, it truly is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. We were mad lucky as well and managed to see the northern lights- unreal, I don’t really have the words and that’ll stay with me forever.
As for the latter part of the year, a couple friends and I travelled to Hamburg. When the flights were only a tenner, it would have been rude not to. I enjoyed Hamburg, I feel like I really did make the most out of the few days we had there. It was definitely a cool place, give it a few years and I reckon the place will be a sort of mini Berlin- it’ll be that sort of crowd.
Then the final place I went last year was Amsterdam. That was a bit of a family adventure to see old friends and to see the Rolling Stones. Having never been to Amsterdam until last year, it was everything I thought it would be. I had so much fun over the few days we were there and I really value the family time, especially with my Grandpap. It was such a cool place, one I know gets lots of hype, but it really was worth it, I loved it!
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3. Music (live highlights)
Obviously music is my life, so I can’t not include it every year. And frankly, I saw the Rolling Stones so that was huge, that was the biggest gig of my 2017 by far. Having said that, it wasn’t the best gig I’ve ever been to but it was the Rolling Stones and it was certainly up there. Plus the fact I got to see the Stones with three generations of my family, a sort of musical hand me down, the Stones mean a lot.
Earlier in the year, I saw Hidden Charms again. I mention them across my social medias quite a lot- they’ve split now, which is a shame but I still love their music and I appreciate the couple of times I saw them live. They’re definitely worth checking out and they’re just four really nice lads. I actually ran into drummer, Oscar at Borough Market last December, when I ventured south- I was wearing a Charms tote at the time so that was kinda funny.
Then I had that week where I saw a couple of bands, all of which I did mention on this blog. However, most notably was the Jesus and Mary Chain. I saw these back on the Psychocandy reunion tour a few years back, but the gig I went to last year topped that by miles. Maybe it was the atmosphere, or the fact it wasn’t in London, I can’t pin point why I preferred it but that gig was something.
Another excellent gig last year was the View, supported by the Blinders. Now, I’ve been on the Blinders hype for a little while now but that was the first time I’d managed to see them. I rate them very highly, they’re definitely on my ‘ones to watch’ list and you should definitely check them out, if you’re not familiar. Then the View, I’ve seen those a few times now and I just love the atmosphere they attract- the crowd is always great. Just always reliving my indie cindy days u know.
A final highlight gig was the Maccabees. My little heart broke when they annouced that they were splitting, so I jumped on that Farewell tour. My best friend and I attended the Birmingham date which was even more nostalgic. The gig was exceptional, but it being the last Maccabees gig I’ll ever go (pls reform) and in Birmingham- where everthing music began for me, with my best mate, it was touching. We got there way after doors and fought our way into the crowd, and me being me managed to scramble into the action down at the front. It was insane. I’m still really sad about the split. My god, I love the Maccabees.
*Again, I covered a few of these on my blog, so if you want a more in depth overview and a few others that I didn’t mention, hit these up: A Weekend of GigsThe Rolling Stones


4. Misc and bloopers
This is mostly gonna be a compilation of pics but I want to mention that I had a Tab article written about my dissertation. A weird highlight, but it was part of my 2017. You can find that article here and yes it was a serious topic and I got a high grade so I’m rolling with it.
I also watched Trainspotting 2 at the cinema last year and as soon as it finished, I joined a protest against Trump and racism. You gotta be a part of the change u know. People are people and we’ve gotta stand side by side, protect and support people from these assholes who think the colour of their skin makes them better and more superior.
A weird but funny highlight- I got asked out on a date. Now this is not like any other story. We were sat outside Night&Day enjoying a nice cold beer in the summer, all lovely and dandy and this guy comes up out of nowhere, takes his top off and starts chatting rubbish that his girlfriend has left him and he’s really good looking and then HE TOOK HIS TEETH OUT and continued on asking if I’d go out with him. It was slightly mortifying but very funny- character building u know.


2017, you were kind to us.


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