Hello 2018

Hellooo blog, it’s been a while.

So, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year, I hope everyone is all good and dandy! So I haven’t written in a while (disclaimer: ignore the round up post, I actually wrote that after this one). I haven’t written anything in ages and I’m very aware of that. I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired to write. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe it’s the surroundings of being back in a small town- no longer living amongst the hustle and bustle of Manchester, maybe it’s been the lack of time, or maybe it’s the fact I’ve just had nothing to write about. Having said that, I probably should’ve (and did plan to) write a pupdate on Martha’s first birthday or a year on from when we fetched her but I forgot, oh well.

I’ve actually been thinking about this. I love music, but I haven’t been to any gigs since the Stones, so I’ve had nothing to write about in that department. There’s been loads of new albums floating about, and even new bands popping up but I think I’ve made my inability to review pretty clear. Funnily enough, I actually wrote a review for Harry Styles’ debut and that post has sat in my drafts since days after he released that album. I debated posting that review for sich a long time, and eventually it got to the point where it was just way too late after it’s release. Still though, a small side note, I think that album is huge, it’s such a step away from One Direction and I’m surprised by how much I like it but hey ho. Now he’s all rock n roll, I’m on that wave.

Then there’s typical blog like things such as fashion and clothes. Now I can write about this, but strictly speaking, I’m not an ‘on trend’ kinda gal. I keep up with trends and incorporate them into my own looks here and there but how I dress in my day to day is very I don’t really know, just sort of a weird amalgamation of trying to be 60s/70s/Bowie/Jagger/rock n roll/keeping waves of my old indie cindy days/bit of this bit of that sort of thing. I guess it’d be interesting for those who like similar things to me, but it’s not something I particularly want to write about, if you catch my drift. I like clothes, but I don’t love them like your standard fashion blogger. Equally, back in this old town, you don’t exactly have the inspo backdrops and shoot locations that omewhere like say, the Northern Quarter would provide.

Then I’ve had the idea to start a new series on this blog- something along the lines of a ‘Thursday Thoughts’ sort of thing. This sounds a bit jokes but bear with me. Just a blog post for something I’ve been thinking about, like lately I’ve been researching and reading (hey, maybe me reading again is what’s killed off my writing. Cracked it) loads about the universe and every time I sit and think about it, it gives me a bit of a headache- a good type of headache though. So maybe just a pretty unstructured-here are my thoughts-I don’t really know where I’m going with this-just wanted to share my thoughts- sorta post. Maybe if I write one, you’ll understand more of what I mean because that explanation was horrific but Thursday Thoughts, coming soon.

But despite it all, the Life Update post I wrote a little while back is surprisingly, still very much on track. I just really need to get a wiggle on with my masters application, which annoyingly enough, has been done and is just waiting for me to write a personal statement since September. I just keep putting it off because who likes writing those?

And mostly, I’m just enjoying reading again, hey maybe that’s why I’m not writing- have I mentioned that? But I’m reading loads and trying to learn more about things that interest me and equally weird shit I’ve never even cared about before. It’s good to learn and I want to pick up an instrument again and I want to start a martial art. Two things I’ve been faffing about doing for a year or so now and I’ve hit an age now where I’m just like what actually is stopping you, what’s your excuse.

So that was a slight ramble, but to summarise, I’ll be back writing soon. I’ve got some good stuff lined up this year, grantedthey’re all months away but I’m feeling good.


Have this image of a relatively full, but always room for more dogs, bed.



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