The Vaccines | Manchester

Ahhhh little blog, a break from all the summer plans/prep and a post that will return me to the very roots of this blog- a music one!

I saw the Vaccines again the other day in Manchester and oh, I do love them. To be honest, I’m pretty much still riding the wave of the first two albums cos they were bloody class weren’t they! Plus, all those years ago, these were abums that were pretty instumental in my mid/older teen years u know, so I hold them pretty close. I kinda ignored the third album a bit, despite going to the tour and tbh, I actually only properly listened to it for the first time a matter of months ago. Anyway, so when news came about of the fourth album, idk I was kind of excited. I felt like I hadn’t heard anything of the Vaccines in years so I was mad buzzin to get on this. So the dates were announced and I was very quick to wiggle my way onto a guest list to re-live my formative years. Unlike the third album (I don’t know what’s my beef), I actually listened to Combat Sports upon it’s release. I do quite like it, there’s some good, catchy tracks on there and it reminds me of being younger. Idk, like when I heard it, it did take me back to the Vaccines love of all those years ago. New but nostalgic!

So the day came round and I was buzzin! I travelled back to Manchester for a short and sweet visit, was with one of my best pals and I was ready to go! I’ve gotta mention, if you’ve read any of my gig posts, you’ll notice the theme that I like a few drinks and I like to get involved but this gig was a different one. My involvement was limited because stupid things that Paige does edition 482- I nearly broke my back a few weeks ago (yeah for real) so I didn’t want to be jumping about a pit, as I’ve still got a few weeks before the muscle/tissue fully recovers, looool story for a rainy day that. I’m also pariticipating in a Tough Mudder next month (I signed up before the back situ), so I couldn’t get too involved for the second reason that I actually need to be in good shape for that aka I need my back as good as it’s gonna be and the TM is currently limiting my drinking, which tbf, is seldom if ever these days anyway. This gal still enjoyed a single pint and some gentle jumping/dancing later on, u know u know.

Sooo, the setlist..

Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
Teenage Icon
Dream Lover
Bad Mood
Melody Calling
Out On the Street
Your Love Is My Favourite Band
Post Break-Up Sex
Surfing in the Sky
A Lack of Understanding
Take It Easy
I Always Knew
If You Wanna
I Can’t Quit
No Hope
Put It On a T-Shirt
All in White

Standouts: Wetsuit, Melody Calling, Post Break-Up Sex, Take It Easy, I Always Knew, If You Wanna, I Can’t Quit, Put It On a T-Shirt, All in White

Omg I have not heard Wetsuit in years. This was the song, this was one of those songs from all those years ago that I just loved. I feel it in my soul, like I literally can’t explain. This was just one of those songs that was a very, end of the night/summer/whatever kind of song, like if you know you know, it was just one of them. Whenever I hear this song, it floods me with so many memories and that proper nostalgic feeling of old friends. I hadn’t heard it live in years so when the drums were going and I turned to my friend like ‘omg if this is we…IF AT SOME POINT WE ALL SUCCUMB’

I don’t actually have beef with the third album, I just sorta ignored it for a long time but Melody Calling, I didn’t realise I liked this song. I don’t know if it’s me but it sounded so much better live, like it took me a sec to twig which song it was. Like I listened to it the day after off the album and I was like nah, this ain’t the one. Definitely a live track, maybe it was the loudness or the crowd (struggle to beat a Manc crowd now) but live, I loved it!

The intro to Post Break-Up Sex had Justin starting ‘if you don’t know this one, you’ve got the wrong gig’ and within the split second of it starting, you knew it was gonna be a banger. Ahh what a tune! A self explanatory crowd pleaser, oh man it took a lot of will to not proper jump in with this one, especially when Nørgaard followed! That first album tho.

I think Take It Easy is one of my favourite songs off the new album. It’s just got proper feel good vibes to it, the whole ‘that’s the problem with people like me’ LOVE it! I’d only heard this song a handful of times prior to the gig, but now I really love it. Idk maybe it was the gig and the really laid back/no care vibes. I enjoyed it and I dig it!

In terms of standouts, I’m combining I Always Knew, If You Wanna and I Can’t Quit because, I knew an encore was coming, but these felt very end of gig. Like the first two tunes are pretty classic Vaccines crowd pleasers/play outs, especially If You Wanna and I thought I Can’t Quit fell quite nicely into the mix as well. Like most, this was the first track I heard off Combat Sports and it’s definitely a Vaccines track ain’t it! No complaints though, I do like it and it rounded off the gig so well. Just slightly gutted that my back inhibited any proepr involvement but u know next time ey.

So amongst the chants of ‘MANCHESTER LA LA LA’ (God how I miss Manchester) I turned to my friend like ?? They’ve played the bangers, like what is coming next? I usually come across setlists before gigs but this wasn’t one of those times, so I literally had not a single idea what was coming or what. Another off the new album, Put It On a T-Shirt was the penultimate playout, a fun and a little mellow tune to nicely introduce the final song of All in White. I literally turned to my friend like omg I have not heard this in TIME. Earlier when I said I was very much riding the wave of the first two albums, well here I was with one of my old favourite songs from way back when!



So yeah, that was that and the gig was class! I just feel like I like a band a bit more after a gig and it proper rekindled my love for the Vaccines a bit! So Tim and I went to Big Hands, a bar I used to love and hadn’t been in for a good matter of months! I ran into an old friend in there as well so that was lovely, and the Vaccines all came in a bit later on as well. It was just such a sick night, of friends- old and new, old musical loves and bar favourites. It was excellent!


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