A love affair with Santa Monica

Another America post already? Heck yeah you guessed it!

So of all the places I went whilst in LA, Santa Monica was easily my favourite. My fave x45847643843857685! I was in LA for way, way, waaaay longer than anticipated because frankly I had no idea how much I would love it there, I literally put off leaving.

Anyway, Santa Monica. Oh what a beautiful little city just west of LA! Fairly certain I found myself in Santa Monica pretty much every night I was there? I found myself in LA with two groups, the first sadly dissipated as we were all heading for different places then the second group were just arriving in LA and like I said, clearly I wasn’t leaving just yet. We all just kept heading to the Pier or downtown every evening, we headed straight to the pier to meet some friends straight after hiking the Hollywood sign the first time (yep they are nowhere near eachother, I know) and another time, we set aside a whole day for a beach day. Santa Monica just had a bit of everything going on and I loved it. There was just a very specific vibe hanging around the place that I loved! It was a magnet and I couldn’t get enough! Every time someone threw out the idea of going there in the evening, I would jump straight on that train. I couldn’t resist.

I even have a navy jumper with Santa Monica in v retro typography plastered across the chest because I loved it that much! Okay, maybe not so much. I actually dropped $40 on said jumper because it was freezing/I was freezing and nowhere was open bar tourist shops on the actual pier and you gotta do what you gotta do. Honestly, the summer ruined my internal radiator because anything below 25 was cold. So yeah, I got a jumper and wasn’t happy about it but in retrospect, I love it. Now I get to have such love affair written right across my chest!

There’s no such substance for this post (sorry) as I’ve been a bit preoccupied with work so it’s kind of a cop out. Or we could twist that narrative, and I’m gonna, and say it’s just a little drop of a seed into your life to tell you that this is a place you should visit, if ever you find yourself on the west coast. It’s famous for a reason but it’s also so much more than that! It’s a relaxed place with great people all along the Pacific Coast Highway, full of surfers and skaters and sun!


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4d47[Sunset on the coast]



A fun fact, there were loads of street performers upon the peir and the ones that really caught my eye were this group of three guys just playing drums and guitar in a kind of hip hop style. They were so sick. Sadly, I have no more information on who they were or what but I imagine they’re on the pier fairly regularly, or even just busking around Santa Monica a lot. Being such a huge fan of live music, this was actually the first I’d heard in months since being a camp and it was splendid! Shoutout to you lads, whoever you may be.

Okay so, Pacific Park is a little amusment park located on the pier. It’s the coolest little place- there’s actual rides including a pirate ship and a ferris wheel, classics, and arcades and those little food kiosks that you only associate with the seaside. It’s the Blackpool of California except it’s better! The rides and attractions are all priced individually between $5 and $10 so yeah we didn’t actually go on anything (plus we went to Six Flags whilst at camp so the theme park situation had been previously covered). I’m aware that you can buy unlimited ride wristbands but u know, just walking around it all was enough for me. It runs til midnight as well which is pretty cool!

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4d4e[It’s a GIANT octopus]



UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4d48[Oh yeah you know that famous Route 66? Well Santa Monica is the end of the trail. Or the start, depends where you start u know. Shoutout to random male model.]

Okay so the beach day is kinda of a cheat cos we didn’t actually spend said day in Santa Monica. However, it wasn’t actually that far outside, plus we had enough of us to absolutely rinse Lyft, making it way cheaper than any other form of transport. We went to the Will Rogers State beach and it was so super chill. There was barely anyone on it, it was hot, sandy, chill. It was a beach, I’m describing a beach. We spent the day just chilling out, maxin relaxin and getting absolutely smoked by the waves, it was so much fun and literally how I imagine living life on the west coast to be. West coast best coast.





UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4e0a[Downtown at sunset]


Santa Monica, you lil dreamboat.


Peace and love



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