LACMA: Urban Light

Helllllooo little blog, it’s been a while.

I hope you all had a nice new year, may it be prosperous and all that.

Anyway, I wrote a little tweet a while ago expressing how this blog had started to earn a tiny bit of money and as soon as it did that, I was put off a bit and no longer wanted to write. Well, it happens, not what I expected but we press on. I remembered that I had so many ideas and so many drafts of things I still wanted to share with the world. Today I’m off work and weirdly I woke up proper inspired to write something so here I am, rusty af.

I actually want to cast you back to the summer of 2018. It seems like a lifetime ago but I had so many adventures over the summer and so many things I want to share! Looool eventually I’ll shut up about camp and all that came with it but it literally changed my life. One of the best things I’ve ever done. Tangent.

So, I wanna take you all back to LA and one thing I really wanted to see in LA was the ‘lamp posts’. They’re mad famous, you see them everywhere and they’ve been at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for about ten years now. So anyone who knows me out in the real world knows I’m a sucker for a museum or a gallery. Back when I was living in Manchester, I was allllllllways (specifically) at MOSI or the Whitworth or the Manchester Museum in between lectures. I just find something pretty peaceful in a museum and equally I love learning about random stuff and seeing what’s going on u know. Especially when feature exhibitions would come in, I’d be all over those.

Loool back to LA, so LACMA was something I was keen for. Urban Light was put together by Chris Burden and consists of 202 resored cast iron antique lamp posts from the 20s and 30s. You can read the story of the exhibition here. It’s well worth a read, detailing how the late Burden came to acquire so many lamps and even how ol Leonardo DiCaprio got involved with the project to help save the enviroment. No spoilers here, you gotta go read the article.

We visited the exhibition after dark but equally the forest of lights would be something in the day. We saw them in their original glory, exactly how lamp posts should be- lighting up the night. But during the day, you can see the restored lamps in all their detail. Burden restored all the lamps to the same neutral colour in order to enjoy all the different cast iron decoration.



[Your visit LA team]



[Co-staff bro staff]





Honestly, this place is mad and well worth a visit if you’re in the area. We even stumbled upon a gal in this princess dress circa five times the size of herself on a photoshoot. U gonna see some sights.

Add Urban Light to your LA agenda!


Peace and love



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