An evening at Circulo de Bellas Artes

Hellooo my little neglected blog! Long time.

I’ve returned to give you a little insight into a very famous rooftop bar in Madrid. Yes, now I realise I went to Madrid at the end of January and we’re now at the end of February (lmao yes I’m editing this at the end of March), details details. Either way, if Madrid is one your list, or you already have plans to go well, let me share this gem!

Now, when you google things to do in Madrid or food and bar related things to do, one place that will certainly appear is a bar called Circulo de Bellas Artes. When we planned our little juant to Madrid, we all asked friends and family who had been for recommendations and this place popped up on multiple occasions for all four of us. Plus, we were going on holiday, so naturally we’re going to go somewhere for a drink!

So this rooftop bar gives you amazing views of Madrid, all with a cocktail in hand so it was definitely on our cards! We actually all took our Monzo cards, which I would 1000% recommend, and might even write a future blog post about but anyway, Monzo effectively made our entire trip cashless. However, Circulo de Bellas Artes is a €4 entry free which is a cash only payment. Worth bearing in mind if you’re a cashless being like we are. Anyway, we quickly legged it to a cash point and drew out €20, and headed up to the bar. Also, you receive a ticket after you pay, and they check it off of you once you’re on the rooftop, so even though you can dodge the charge, you can’t actually get on the roof without the ticket.

We actually headed up pretty early afternoon. We had a great morning seeing sights and hopping on a boat etc then it was time for bevs. I mention this because if you go, it is worth heading up a bit earlier. The world and his wife appears to head up to this roof for sunset so come that time, it will be heaving- there will be queues at the bar, nowhere to sit and a wait for food. We realised this fairly accidentally but it did work in our favour. We managed to find ourselves one of those bed/seat type situations and the sun was out, it was just lovely.

I would highly recommend adding this rooftop bar to your Madrid visit! The views are stunning and the drinks were delicious and reasonably priced (€10 a piece), which when you factor your location, that’s what you would pay literally anywhere else! I’ve definitely been more expensive places in my life (cry) so I won’t moan.

Anyway, the pictures, that’s what we’re all here for. Now, when I went, I didn’t actually factor writing about this place for my blog so the photos are lacking in their blog-esque quality, however, if you read this blog on the reg, well you’ll know that I just sort of point, shoot, hope for the best. Wow, have a shot for every comma in that sentence.

PS. Their sangria was hella delicious, the secret is Fanta Lemon am telling ya.

IMG_2827[The view from the afternoon]



Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset[sangriaaaaaa]

IMG_2394[over exposed x]






IMG_3566[The fab four]


Peace n love



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