Pupdate IV

Hello, hello, yes it’s been a very long blog-less time, I know. Unfortunately, my time has been filled with deadlines and a dissertation, all of which are finito. THANK GOD. Can you believe there’s only three exams between me and GRADUATING uni?! Where have these past three years gone?! I digress. So, pupdate part IV will be the last … More Pupdate IV

6 Month Pupdate

Hello, me again, merry January and all that jazz. Today, from a dog free setting in Manchester (CRY), I bring to you a 6 month pupdate of the little meathead that goes by Martha. If you’re unfamiliar with Martha, then where have you been? We brought her home last September and if you saw her here, then these photos … More 6 Month Pupdate


So, you might remember I wrote a post about buying another puppy and I think the time has come to do a pupdate. Even though we only got her towards the end of September, anyone whose ever had a puppy will know that they grow at lightning speed. Plus, I want to get another pupdate in after … More Pupdate

Meet Martha

So I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram, but if you do, it won’t be a secret that I just got another puppy! Yes it is true, I am the crazy dog lady. I’ve never lived my life without a dog and have had a few over the years but currently we have … More Meet Martha