The Rolling Stones

It happened. Seeing bands and live music really is nothing new for me, certainly nothing out of the ordinary, but this one was different. This was my favourite band. The band I never knew if I’d be able to see because they’re all getting on a bit. I always thought, hey maybe they’ll still play … More The Rolling Stones

A Weekend of Gigs

Roll up, roll up So I’ve been suffering under the ole disstresstation and consequently the fun I’ve been having has been limited. Just swimming in a shark pool of deadlines, you know how it is. However, I had a pretty exciting few days where I attended three gigs that I’m here to share with you. … More A Weekend of Gigs

The Fratellis

November 29th, the day of an essay deadline followed by a free pass to the late show curtesy of the too much fun club. That’s a bit of Hunter S. Thompson for ya there. Anyway, so we ended up on the guest list due to a very good pal, (thank u v much Taf, bless u) and … More The Fratellis


So let me introduce you to a band, if you don’t already know of them, who go by the name Allah-Las. Their third album, Calico Review was released last month and I don’t know enough about music to review it but I’d highly recommend it. Along with their eponymous debut, Allah-Las and Worship the Sun. Their sound is … More Allah-Las


Let’s talk about the Rolling Stones.  It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I adore the Rolling Stones. From an early age, I used to listen to the likes of Elvis and from there I passed into the 50s/60s, blues and jazz. Then along came the Rolling Stones, I was just about forty … More Exhibitionism