The Golden Circle

Helloooo! So, as promised, this is part two of my in depth look back Iceland trilogy. Hopefully you read my last post which was all about the Blue Lagoon- a what is it/what to expect kind of guide, if not, you can catch that here! Today I bring you The Golden Circle, arguably the biggest set of attractions … More The Golden Circle

The Blue Lagoon

Hey! So you might remember I went to Iceland with my best friend back in February, but I do have another Iceland post for you. Now, I realise it’s now July and the snowy, winter wonderland of Iceland that I visited has turned green for summer, but whenever it comes up in conversation that I’ve visited … More The Blue Lagoon


Hello, hello, it has been a small while. If you follow any of my social medias, it won’t be a secret that I’ve been making myself poor once again and spending all my funds in Iceland! My best friend of far too long and I had never been abroad together, slightly strange, so last September we … More Iceland